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Monday, 3 October 2016

Know How and Confidential Information

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They used to say, "Know who is more important than know how!"

That's because in a competitive landscape, players get advantages from their networks. Their connections and people that they can call upon become their advantage. When I joined a networking organization some years ago, they promised to turn my network into my net worth ... they believed in the power of building relationships, for business purposes.

Sometimes having the right connections can help get you the contract.
The idea of networking is, very simply, something like this. You are looking for your ideal client. Perhaps you sell pots and pans, and your ideal client would be the army, because they can buy a lot of pots and pans from you. You sit down and think... who do you know in the army? You keep scratching your head, and a few hairs fall out. Your bald patch grows bigger. And you conclude that you don't know anybody in the army. Does that mean that you have no way of selling to the army? 

Au contraire, my friend. In adversity there is opportunity. And so, you ask around. Your neighbour. Your son's schoolteacher. Your gardener. Your secretary. Your client. Do they know anybody in the army? Bit by bit, connections pop up. Somebody has an uncle who works in the nearby army base. Somebody else happens to be related to the director general of operations. And yet somebody else is an ex-classmate of an up-and-coming rising star in the army. Bit by bit, you ask for introductions, and then, when everything seems dull and uneventful, you land a deal. Congratulations on your networking skills.
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