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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Under 40? Apply for Youth IP Funding under MyIPO

The Intellectual Property Office of Malaysia, AKA MyIPO, has funding allocation for youths, students and communities. Unfortunately, the information from MyIPO website has, at the moment, no English translation. So here is some information.

Hey young fella. MyIPO knows you need financial support to register IP.
Don't worry, read this article about IP Funding for youth (and others).

Important Update

The deadline for applications is 30th June 2016.

How are they classified? 

  • Youths refer to Malaysian individuals between the ages of 18 to 40;
  • Students refer to Malaysians studying in primary schools / secondary schools / colleges / skills institutes recognised by the Malaysian government; and
  • Communities refer to organizations consisting of people in a certain region or area (for applications of geographical indicators only)

Scope of Funding

The funding is only available for the following:

  • Patent;
  • Utility Innovation;
  • Trade Mark;
  • Geographical indicator;
  • Industrial Design; or
  • Voluntary Notification of Copyright
The scope of funding is as follows:

Patent / Utility Innovation

  1. Application for Registration: Fees - Form No. 1/14
  2. Application for Substantive Examination - Form No. 5
  3. Application for Appointment of Patent Agent - Form No. 17
  4. Statement of Justification of Applicant's Rights to the Patent - Form No. 22

Trade Mark

  1. Application for Registration - Form TM5
  2. Application for Advertisement of Trade Mark - Form TM31

Industrial Design

  1. Application for Registration of Industrial Design - Form ID1 
  2. Application for Views (Maximum 4 views) 


  1. Fee for Notification of Work - Form CR-1; or
  2. Fee for Notification of Published Work - Form CR-2
  3. Fee for Deposit of Work (Maximum funding RM50)
  4. Fee for Application for Certificate of Notice of Copyright - Form CR-5

Geographical Indicators

  1. Fee for application of geographical indicator - Form GI 1
  2. Fee for advertisement for registration - Form GI 3

Other Terms

  • Each recipient may only apply for only one component of IP
  • Funding is only for new IP applications, which have not been filed at MyIPO
  • There will not be any other funding other than the ones stated above
  • Funding given in form of vouchers

Guidelines for Applying

  1. Applicant must apply using the required form for the relevant IP component
  2. The form for funding must be sent within the time limit
  3. The fund's secretariat will assess and filter applications. Payouts depend on funding availability
  4. The successful applicant(s) will be contacted to sign a "Letter of Undertaking" before filing the IP.
  5. Successful applicant(s) will receive assistance in preparing documentation for the IP. They will be given vouchers for filing of IP at MyIPO HQ or branches.
  6. For IP produced by students, the application must be made by the school or college / skills institute of the said student. Letter of confirmation or support from school / college / skills institute must be produced. The school / college / skills institute must inform the Ministry of Education or Ministry of Higher Education about the application.

Follow Up

So you're all pumped up and ready to apply. Where do you go from here?
  1. Email, or
  2. Contact Puan Noranisah Abas (03-22998770) or Puan Shahida Nafishah Jamaludin (03-22998775).
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