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Saturday, 27 January 2007

Passing the Patent Agent Exams

I've passed the Patent Agents Exams, set by MyIPO. That was the best news. Where to from here? File Form 18, together with a cheque for RM2,000/= and get admitted as a Patent Agent. The funny thing about it is that my dad has been registered as a patent agent for many years, but we have only done a handful of patent applications. It could be that the bigger name firms have been getting the "confidence votes". I don't get it -- patent drafting is just as well done by the small guys as by the big guys. In any case, if a foreign inventor (or patent owner) wanted to register his patent in Malaysia, it is likely that most of the claims will be a repeat of the original application. My role as a patent agent would be minimal -- merely to push the formalities through.
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