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Sunday, 3 September 2006

Tapping into Wave Energies

The world's energy needs are increasing. How do we produce more energy without killing our natural resources? Burning hydrocarbons produces more global warming than we need. Witness the recent reports of glaciers melting in the Andean region. One solution is to harness the energy generated by sea waves.


Rising demand for energy and the finite nature of conventional fuels, are leading to increased prices. The problem of green house gas emissions continues. Harnessing the immense wave power in the world’s oceans can be part of the solution to our energy problems. At Wavegen we are delivering the wave energy technology to help make that happen.

Greenpeace website has an animated explanation of the Islay wave turbine.


In time, we may be able to generate enough electricity by using wave energies. Examples of possible applications are:
  • Power grids for seashore communities
  • Energy source for vessels
  • Energy monetization from otherwise inhabitable areas (e.g. mangrove swamps)
  • Creation of lighthouses with alternative energy source (solar, wave and wind)
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