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Sunday, 3 September 2006

Building a Wind Turbine

Dear Reader,

Have you been thinking, of late, of free energy?

Photovoltaic panels are expensive and probably need quite a sizeable investment in order to power up a house. Yet photovoltaic panels (solar panels) probably offer the easiest installation: Just install it, and forget about it. It is likely that wind turbines are more economical to tinker about with. With this in mind, I set out to understand a little more about these creatures which have evolved from simple windmills to present day "wind farms".

Some links I have found along the way:

  • Alton's Wind Turbine Page [click here for link]
    From one man's efforts to create a wind turbine.

  • Windpower Workshop [click here for link]
    A book on how to create your own wind turbine.

  • Hugh Piggott's Homepage [click here for link]
    Quite a resource-laden page. Very useful with many links.

  • Rob Webster's Turbine Diary [click here for link]
    This young gentleman managed to finish off quite a bit of the wind turbine making process. His diary with many helpful pictures (for those who would attempt the same).

  • Danish Wind Industry Association [click here for link]
    From Europe, a chockful of information on how to get started.

  • I Built A Wind Charger For $400! [click here for link]
    From Mother Earth Magazine 1973, an article by Jim Sencenbaugh about how he made his own wind turbine.

  • A Wind Powered Energy Charger [click here for link]
    Kelly Isaac, a science teacher, reveals how she built her battery charger that uses a wind turbine. Of note: The turbine has a vertical axis (as opposed to horizontal axis).

  • Pico Turbine Educational Kit [click here for link]
    Free downloadable plans available for the turbine as well as a convertor for AC (Alternating Current) to DC (Direct Current). This wind turbine also has a vertical axis.

  • Build Your Own 1000 Watt Wind Turbine [click here for link]
    Similar to Rob Webster's page -- step by step process with lots of photos. Found via Make Magazine [click here for link]

    This is all for now.
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