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Wednesday, 25 January 2006

Underwear Risk?

Nothing x-rated here, it's merely a euphemism for a possible side effect caused by "orlistat", a drug just given the green light by the American Food and Drug Administration board for over-the-counter sale and distribution.

SmithGlaxoKline will manufacture the drug and market it under the brand "Alli". The drug is new and has surprisingly garnered an 11 to 3 vote for its mass production and over-the-counter distribution.

The drug works by blocking up to 25% (one quarter) of fat consumed.

Among other side effects that the label needs to highlight is the need to take multivitamins along with Alli as the drug blocks the absorption of some fat-soluble vitamins like D, E, K and beta-carotene, fecal incontinence and gas. Also, since the drug blocks the absorption of 25 per cent of fat consumed and excretes it through the fecal route, those on the pill experience oily motions as also involuntary passing of oil through the anus.

“The risks seem relatively small, but I do have concern with what we euphemistically call the underwear risk. They need to be clearly outlined to people. These are real risks that do have social consequences,” Dr Wood added. The prescription form of the drug, Xenical, was approved by the FDA in 1999.


My comments are in the tooltips when you "mouse over" the underlined phrases.

I wonder when the drug will be available? I know a number of people who need to lose weight fast.
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