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Wednesday, 25 January 2006

KlipFolio - RSS Feed Freeware

Dear Reader,

If you've never heard of RSS, you're out of touch. RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a way of "publishing" your website by making a "feed" available for the public. Yes, now that everyone can blog, and create podcasts, and even videocasts... nobody ever visits the sites anymore. They just want to scan the headlines, just like we scan the headlines in newspapers. So, RSS feeds are here to help us scan the "headlines" on our favourite web news service (e.g. Google News) or even favourite blogs (e.g. or even Lim Kit Siang's blog).

Enter KlipFolio from Serence -- Which is similar to Konfabulator (presently known as Yahoo! Widgets) in its slick application user interface. It's freeware, and there's tonnes of "Klips" to be downloaded from the site. The similarity is only minimal. There are "Klips" to check your Hotmail, GMail and Yahoo Mail, and then there are "Klips" that update you with feeds from news services, websites, blogs, etc.

KlipFolio is focused on RSS Feeds, so you can download the SDK and make your own customized Klips. That's a wonderful marketing plan and similar to the approach taken by Konfabulator. In the case of Konfabulator, the authors created a funky cartoonish site, complete with gallery of widgets, etc, which could work on both Mac and Windows platforms. There is a lack of support for Linux platforms though -- one wonders why?

In any case, the best test of the program is to run it yourself. I did not do a check on Google to see if any spyware had been reported, but it's best to do so if you want to start using this excellent program. So far, I've been using it for hourly updates from Google News and hourly updates from my many email boxes, incl. my POP3 box. There's even a Klip for the weather -- similar, one might add, to Konfabulator's. However, in the case of KlipFolio, all its widgets are pretty tiny, and they are best left in minimized form -- only to expand when the mouse goes over.

Click here to visit the excellent site.
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