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Sunday, 15 January 2006

Chip Chick

A blog featuring gadgets and inventions from a young 20-something female perspective. Click here visit the Chip Chick Blog.

The last entry, about the TV-B-Gone, seems to be old news. Mitch Altman's invention made the news in late 2004. It seems surprising that TV-B-Gone should feature in a technology-slanted blog in early January, 2006. also reported that TV-B-Gone is capable of turning on any television.

The TV-B-Gone invention had prompted Altman's friends to ask for other inventions, to "jam cell phones, shut down vehicle subwoofers and kill car alarms." Perhaps, such requests is an indication to would-be inventors what people would fork money out for. has a couple of videos showing the TV-B-Gone in action.
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